Changes in the Nomination Committee for SAS AB

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    Changes in the Nomination Committee for SAS AB
    At the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in SAS AB on 18 February 2014, members for the SAS AB Nomination Committee were appointed. Information about the Nomination Committee’s composition was published through a media release directly after the Annual Shareholders’’ Meeting and is available via the company’s homepage.

    SAS AB has been informed by the Danish Ministry of Finance for the Danish Government that the current member of the SAS Nomination Committee Peter Brixen has left the Danish Ministry of Finance and his appointment for the Nomination Committee. In accordance with the rules of the SAS Nomination Committee’s current instructions, the Danish Ministry of Finance has informed SAS AB that Rasmus Lønborg has replaced Peter Brixen as a member of the SAS AB Nomination Committee. Rasmus Lønborg is Head of division at the Danish Ministry of Finance.

    Following the above change, the Nomination Committee consists of the following four members:

    Niklas Johansson, Swedish Ministry of Trade, for the Swedish Government, Chairman

    Rasmus Lønborg, Danish Ministry of Finance, for the Danish Government

    Knut Utvik, Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, for the Norwegian Government

    Peter Wallenberg Jr, for Knut and Allice Wallenbergs Foundation

    Read more on SAS Corporate Website

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