Leading Hotels of the World (LHW)

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    Gratis medlemskab til en værdi af $150.

    Har aldrig selv benyttet mig af konceptet men har tilmeldt mig nu.


    Leading Hotels of the World (lhw.com) is a luxury hotel consortium with about 400 member hotels in 80 countries.
    They have two tiers of status/membership: Leaders Club ($150) and Unlimited ($1200) Status can’t be earned through stays.

    Right now The Biltmore is continuing a previous offer of complimentary Leaders Club membership. http://www.biltmorehotel.com/leaders-club/ Simple form you mail in or email. Processed within 7 days until they run out of memberships to give.

    Earn a complimentary night at any Leading Hotel for every 5 stays you complete
    Free complimentary continental breakfast for two each day
    One-category room upgrade: when available and subject to availability at check-in
    Free Internet access
    Early check-in/out consideration
    Free welcome gift
    Free sixt platinum
    VIP rates, right now additional 5% off many hotels

    This is worth doing. Deals we feature are sometimes bookable on lhw. The free sixt platinum is useful for car upgrades and avoids the need to do a status match. The breakfast alone is often a $40-80 value at some luxury properties etc.

    The free night perk is nice to stay on cheap rates and redeem at super luxury locations. Double credit offers are occasionally offered. Chitw appears to be in the process of adding the lowest worldwide rates which would be a helpful resource.

    Also important to note that doing this allows you to buy the Unlimited membership for $1050 as an upgrade subtracts the $150 usual cost of Leaders Club. Unlimited gives substantial additional benefits such as free airport transfer, guaranteed 4pm check-out, faster free nights, free priority pass for airport lounge access, etc.

    Wait a couple days for the status to go through. The email is titled “Welcome to Leaders Club” with a success message!

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