SAS - Nye SAS ruter 2014

Poster i 'NYHEDER' oprettet af Henrik Olsen, 26/11/13.

  1. Henrik Olsen

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    "Synes godt om" modtaget:
    Her er listen over nye ruter ud af DK som SAS startede salget på i går:

    CPH-PSAOperates 28JUN14-09AUG14
    CPH-NAPOperates 01JUL14-07AUG14
    CPH-FAOOperates 01JUL14-06AUG14
    CPH-CHQOperates 30JUN14-11AUG14
    CPH-BIAOperates 02JUN14-06AUG14
    CPH-MPLOperates 28JUN14-09AUG14
    BLL-GZPOperates 03JUL14-07AUG14
    BLL-SPUOperates 02JUL14-06AUG14
    BLL-NCEOperates 02JUL14-06AUG14
    AAL-SPUOperates 01JUL14-05AUG14
    AAL-NCEOperates 01JUL14-05AUG14
    CPH-LPIDouble daily service operated by ATR72, starting 30MAR14.
    CPH-LBAD1, 5 operated by CR9, starting 31MAR14
    CPH-BRE Double daily service operated by AT7. Route launched as daily service in W13.
    CPH-BERExpanded capacity morning and afternoon peak, operated by A319 / A320
    CPH-BIQExtended season MAY14-SEP14
    CPH-SKGExtended season MAY14-SEP14
    CPH-PUYExtended season MAY14-SEP14
    CPH-MADDouble frequency from D15 to D1356
    CPH-PMIAdditional weekly frequency from D367 to D1567
    CPH-SPUAdditional weekly frequency from D6 to D36
    CPH-GZPExtended season APR14-OCT14
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