Brussels Airlines rewarded with several awards

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    Tuesday 13 January, 2015 — Best trans-Atlantic Airline, JFK Business Class Excellence, Best Short Haul Airline, Best International Business Class Wine Card and the Golden Bridge Export Award. Over the course of the last few months, Brussels Airlines has been rewarded several times for its service, as well as its social responsibility.

    Brussels Airlines does not only look back on a significant passenger growth in 2014, but also on several acknowledgements by the travel industry. No less than 5 awards confirm this.

    During the annual Travel Magazine Awards gala, Belgian travel agencies and industry experts rewarded Brussels Airlines with the title Short Haul Airline 2014. In addition, Brussels Airlines Business Class was awarded Best Travel Option for its flights to New York. In the United States Brussels Airlines’ quality and service was also honoured. Global Traveler, the most respected American magazine for frequent business travellers, named the Belgian airline as Best Transatlantic Airline. Brussels Airlines came out on top, next to several renowned airlines from the Gulf countries and Europe.

    At the annual American Wines on the Wing competition Brussels Airlines got voted as the airline serving the best wine on board, during a “blind-test” by an international wine specialists’ jury (24 oenologists, sommeliers & wine producers). All in all 29 airlines participated. It is the third time in a row that Brussels Airlines receives this award.

    Not only Brussels Airlines service efforts were praised these last months but also its contribution to international trade. The Belgian-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce based in the UK rewarded Brussels Airlines with the prestigious Belux Golden Bridge Award. ‘Brussels Airlines is not only an ambassador for Belgium, this airline also promotes the United Kingdom’, the jury justifies its decision but also wants to put forward the airline’s humanitarian efforts: ‘With its flights to Ebola-stricken countries, used by numerous doctors and transporting medical aid to West-Africa, Brussels Airlines proves that its humanitarian engagement/commitment is more than just a marketing slogan’.

    On top of this, Bernard Gustin, CEO of Brussels Airlines, has been awarded the title of Entrepreneur of the Year during the Lobby Awards 2014, organised by the Belgian magazine Lobby. This title rewards "the social efforts of Brussels Airlines, not only in Belgium but especially in Africa", as written in the press release of Lobby.

    According to Brussels Airlines CEO Bernard Gustin these five awards reward Brussels Airlines’ hard work by choosing to deliver quality service within a competitive market environment. ‘We are happy that so many industry experts and partners acknowledge our ‘value for money’ approach and at the same time reward our humanitarian side as well as our contribution to the Belgian Economy. These awards motivate us to do even better.”

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