Dragonair bliver til Cathay Dragon

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    Since 2006, Dragonair has been part of the Cathay Pacific Group, and the two airlines have worked closely to offer unrivalled connectivity and service from Hong Kong – now to almost 200 destinations across mainland China, Asia, and the world. We have continually strived to deliver high standards of service and a consistent premium experience to ensure our passengers travel as well as possible.

    As the Cathay Pacific Group continues to improve and expand each airline’s offering, Dragonair has arrived at the next logical step in its journey. We now have the opportunity to become stronger than the sum of our parts by bringing the branding of the two airlines closer together.

    (..) The rebrand is designed to capitalise on Cathay Pacific’s high international brand recognition, while leveraging Cathay Dragon’s unique connectivity into the expanding mainland China and regional markets.


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