Finnair improves its frequent flyer program

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    Finnair improves its frequent flyer program
    Finnair is improving its Finnair Plus frequent flyer program and now offers better benefits to its Finnair Plus members. Now the loyal customers can now book the Classic European award flights without having to pay fuel surcharge fee. The fuel surcharge fee is removed from European Classic flight awards, as well as from Tel Aviv and Dubai Classic flight awards, that are reserved and/or ticketed on January 8th, 2015 and onwards.

    ‒ Finnair Plus members are important to us, and we want to continue to offer them even better benefits, says Johanna Jäkälä, Director for Finnair Plus. ‒ Flight awards are the most popular way to use Finnair Plus points, and now our customers get better value for their points.

    The surcharge has ranged between 15-40 euros per one way within Europe. The amount of Finnair Plus points needed for Classic flight awards remains the same, and in addition the passenger pays necessary taxes and other government charges.
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