Hotel WiFi Test Launches Monitoring and Certification Program

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    Hotel WiFi Test Launches Monitoring and Certification Program
    The new monitoring and certification program makes it easy for hotels with good WiFi to monetize their investments in the WiFi infrastructure while, helping other hotels to improve their WiFi quality. Simultaneously, travelers can obtain extremely detailed and reliable information about WiFi quality of hotels participating in the program.

    This program is an addition to the existing testing methodology based on crowdsourcing. This methodology provides good estimates for WiFi quality, especially if a hotel has been tested many times by several different guests. However, since WiFi quality varies all the time and depends on many factors, to give travelers absolute confidence, the WiFi network must be constantly monitored.


    As a part of the program, Hotel WiFi Test provides a monitoring device for a hotel. The device is connected to the hotel’s WiFi network in the same way guests do. The device monitors the quality of WiFi 24/7 and sends the data to Hotel WiFi Test’s servers.

    This is a risk-free proposition for hotels. A hotel can choose not to publish the results, so allowing it time to improve its WiFi quality to meet the certification standards. Also a monthly subscription can be terminated at any time – there is no long-term contract.

    For hotels that already have good WiFi quality, it is a great opportunity to get recognized. The monitoring and certification program makes it easy to prove the WiFi quality and reveal this information to the public.

    Some hotels invest heavily in providing WiFi facilities, but their WiFi quality can still be lacking. The monitoring solution provides clear requirements for working with WiFi infrastructure providers. Once the setup is complete, WiFi quality reports help to keep those responsible for WiFi maintenance accountable.

    The WiFi quality is not only about speed. Once the connection speed reaches a certain level, its further increase has a diminished return for Internet users. At this point other network factors such as stability and latency become more important than further increase of the download and upload speed. The monitoring solution provides a reliable way to measure these additional factors and allows hotels that have to impose a reasonable bandwidth limit per customer to be fairly represented.

    Hotel WiFi Test provides a technology solution and agnostic to business models employed by hotels in connection with WiFi services, as long as all the terms and conditions are made transparent to guests. The hotel can choose to complete the certification on the most expensive WiFi tier as long as the price structure is clearly disclosed.

    Currently, the program is open for early access and is subject to availability. Priority is given to hotels in cities that don’t yet have any program participants. Hotels can apply to participate in the program at
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