SAS Comments: What is SAS doing in the current situation - with 400 pilots on strike

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    We regret that many of SAS passengers are suffering inconvenience from the current pilots’ strike in Sweden. With 220 cancelled flights, 26 000 passengers are affected on Sunday alone.

    To assist our travelers all available SAS employees are currently staffing Customer Service as well as airports. Apart from Customer Service we have extra staff on our Social medias trying to help as many of you as possible, as quickly as possible.

    Yesterday, SAS had around 10 000 calls via our Customer Service, and in two days we have answered more than 3 000 comments on Facebook within 10 minutes. We keep our customers informed via our website, social media as well as via text messages that are sent out to passengers with cancelled flights. We also advice all our passengers to check the status of their flight before going to the airport.

    We know that many still have to wait in line. Due to the current situation, it can take a long time to get help from the SAS staff at the airport as well as via Customer Service. If you arrange the hotel and meals yourself, you can contact the SAS Customer Care for compensation. We ask you to attach receipts and include your bank account information.

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