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    SAS traffic figures - August 2015

    SAS carried 2.4 million passengers in August, up 0.1%.
    Scheduled traffic (RPK) was down 1.1% and the capacity (ASK) was reduced by 0.3%.
    • The load factor decreased by 0.7 p.u. to 80.5%.
    The currency adjusted yield and PASK were up 9.4% and 9.9% respectively in July. The nominal yield and PASK were up 10.4% and 11,0% respectively.

    Market trends

    Market conditions in Scandinavia have temporarily stabilized and the balance between capacity and demand has improved in comparison with 2014. However, the competition remains very intensive in certain markets.

    PASK and yield development

    In July 2015, SAS’ currency adjusted yield and PASK were up 9.4% and 9.9% respectively, higher than guided. The nominal yield and PASK were up 10.4% and 11,0% respectively. In August 2015 the currency adjusted PASK is expected to be in line with last year.

    SAS scheduled traffic development in July

    SAS strategy is to focus on Scandinavia’s frequent travelers. During the summer months the travel pattern amongst frequent travelers changes toward more leisure oriented destinations. Customers have responded well to SAS seasonal destinations, primarily offered to southern European destinations, while demand was slightly lower for traveling within Scandinavia in August.

    Scheduled capacity was decreased by 0.3% and traffic was down by 1.1%, which resulted in a 0.7 p.u. lower load factor of 80.5%.

    SAS intercontinental capacity was increased by 1,0% but the traffic was down 1.8% with load factors still at 90%. While SAS decreased its capacity on European/ Intrascandinavian routes by 2.3%, traffic only fell 0.6% due to positive response to the seasonal routes. Domestic traffic was down 1.2%. The capacity was up 3.8% primarily reflecting increased capacity on Swedish domestic routes.

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    Vild stigning i yield/PASK! Gode nyheder for SAS. Mindre godt for os kunder...
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