Tjener Uber og Lyft chauffører mange penge?

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    Jeg har tænkt en del over hvad en Uber eller Lyft chauffør egenligt tjener.

    Så faldt jeg over denne artikel fra Quora:

    Her skriver en chauffør følgende:

    Driver for 3.5+ years, 10,000+ rides, 4.95 star rating.

    I have a big ol spreadsheet that I enjoy filling out everyday.

    I have income columns from Uber, Lyft, and Grubhub.

    My expense columns are Misc, Fuel, Car wash, Car maintenance, Insurance, Car payment

    1. Miscellaneous - these are mostly fixed.
      1. Cell phone
      2. Inuit/Quick books
      3. Registration/tags
      4. Health insurance - I put this in there just because my previous job paid this so I like to compare apples somewhat.
    2. Fuel - highly variable if you look at daily or weekly. Pretty consistent monthly and yearly.
      1. Depends on your region and your specific vehicle mpg.
      2. Over the last 3.5 years this has been 13–15% of fares for my vehicle. A 2010 Dodge Caliber rated at 23mpg city.
    3. Car wash
      1. I spend $10–15/month.
      2. This would vary to personal habits. First year, I kept the car spotless inside and out. $2 at the self-spray car wash once a week and I found some free vacs around town. Now I just do a drive through $10 car wash once a month or when really needed.
    4. Car maintenance - highly variable, I put $150/month in an easy access/no fee/low minimum balance savings account to help ease the big repairs that inevitably come every few months. This is also a good way to get cash back, or reward points, or miles on a credit card if you’re good about paying it off monthly. I use mine to pay extra premium on my mortgage.
      1. 2015 - $1700 for the year (started in March, bought the 2010 Dodge Caliber used with 50K miles)
      2. 2016 - $3500 for the year (put almost 40K miles on the car, new tires, new brakes)
      3. 2017 - $2900 for the year (put 35K miles, new A/C compressor)
    5. Auto Insurance
      1. At first, I was paying about $300/month for commercial insurance until some of the insurance companies started underwriting ride-share policies. Now it only adds about $25/month to what I was paying before doing ride-share.
    6. Health Insurance
      1. After the mileage deduction, my taxable income is so low that I qualify for a substantial credit towards Affordable Health Care Act insurance so I can easily afford a decent policy. I already have a plan to increase that payment if the AHCA is undone or changed unfavorably for me.
      2. This is a double edged sword in that my taxable income is so low that it has pretty much made it impossible for me to refinance my mortgage even though I have good credit, make more than enough money to pay all my bills, and have money leftover.
    7. Car Payment
      1. I bought The Dodge Caliber just to do Uber. Because I have good credit, I was able to draw out the life of the loan and get pretty low monthly payments (I pay extra when able). I think the low monthly payments have been crucial for me being able to stay in the game and make ride-share work for me.
      2. I paid too much for the Caliber at a used car dealer and just recently got to the point that it’s worth less than what I owe. It has been an awesome UberX car but I’ll be selling it soon since I bought an XL vehicle.
      3. I just bought a 2010 Dodge Caravan so I can do UberXL and I really searched for this one and paid just about what it’s worth. I bought it on a credit card with a 0% interest for 18 months then I have the ability to flip flop to other cards for 0% interest promos and all I’m paying is a 3% transfer fee. Thank you good credit! The minimum payment is next to nothing. I pay way more than the minimum but I know I can fall back to the minimum if I ever need to.
      4. The point of all this detail is PLEASE don’t get yourself into a large car payment or lease. Take the high miles and heavy depreciation into account for whatever vehicle you currently plan on using or plan on investing in. UNDERESTIMATE what you think you can afford. OVERESTIMATE what you think you’re going to spend on mileage expenses.
      5. If you want a great opinion on acquiring a vehicle for rideshare, search for Wylee Post on Quora, he has a great Rideshare blog and some very in depth e-books covering this topic and a lot more.
    Those are my personal costs for Rideshare. I drive about 30-35 hours/wk. This year in my market, I have averaged about $17/hr take home pay. I’m not getting rich but that gives me enough money to pay all my rideshare expenses plus all my other expenses and still have a little left over. Not bad for an independent contractor gig that requires a skill set that most 16 year olds possess.

    Så en gennemsnitlig timeløn på 17 US dollars.
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    Godt i alabama ik nok i SF... Så svært helt at vide uden at vide hvor han kører.
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    Der er en længere nede på siden, som angiver at han kommer hjem med > $20 i timen i Denver, CO. Men han angiver ikke om det er "nok".
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