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    Måske en lidt pudsig en. Men man kan få et gavekort til den famøse fotoforretning B&H på 150 dollars (1.000 kroner) mod at tegne Vimeo Pro-abonnement på 1069 kroner for et år. Her den mail jeg har fået:




    Vacations are, by nature, way too short. Extend their lifespans by capturing those #blessed moments on camera and sharing them on Vimeo. First step: stock up on gear + storage.

    Join Vimeo PRO using the link below before May 17, and along with TONS more video storage, we'll give you a FREE $150 gift card to B&H, one of the largest video and photo stores in the world.

    Get your $150 gift card

    When you join, you'll also get all the power of Vimeo PRO, including up to 20GB/week of storage, advanced privacy options, a fully customizable player, and tools to help you sell your videos online and worldwide.


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